Combine desire and enthusiasm with thoughts and you can set the world on fire

“Your definite main goal is a set of thoughts…thoughts you control. Desire is an emotion which you create and control. Enthusiasm is a state of mind also subject to your control. Desire plus enthusiasm is the pulsating force to create things from thought.” Thomas D. Willhite.

A thought by itself leads nowhere. Everyone has thoughts, and most people let them linger a little before slowly fading away.

Desire by itself can be dangerous, leading to temptation and madness when uncontrolled.

Enthusiasm by itself is like the little child anxious to play with a new toy. When the novelty wears off, the child becomes bored.

However, when the three are combined something magical happens. Combine desire and enthusiasm with thoughts and the world is in the palm of your hands. Desire gives substance to your thoughts and enthusiasm gives them direction.

You control your destiny by controlling your desire, enthusiasm and your thoughts. When you can balance the three, at the right levels, there is no stopping you. You can set the world on fire, a fire so strong they’ll be talking about you long after your gone.

So what are you waiting for? Go set the world on fire!


Why I’m always smiling

I’m always smiling because I’m happy
I’m happy because the sunrise in the morning is a beautiful site to behold,
even if it’s hidden by clouds and rain and snow, I know it’s still there
I’m happy because of the person who just let me ahead,
even though ten others wouldn’t, one person did, and that was all I needed
I’m happy because I have a friend
even though others have dozens or hundreds, one person who will be there for me is all I need
I’m happy because of the air filling my lungs
even though it may not be the cleanest, it means I’m alive
I’m happy because
While the sun rises and air fills my lungs, My dreams have a chance of one day coming to pass, and one person by my side to see that day with, makes everything else irrelevant.

And that, is why, I’m always smiling.

Best Friends: a special class of people

“Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.” Albert Camus

Many of us have ambitions. Some of us are born to be leaders, to guide others, to guide an organization towards prosperity and greatness. Some of us are better suited behind the scenes, helping to chose a leader, then following to give advice and support as needed. Others, a special group, are content to be as we are; a friend.

No matter what the ambitions are, we need someone from that special group, to walk besides us. Someone we can share our innermost thoughts with. We need someone who would say “stop, you’ve gone too far”, or “yes, you’re doing the right thing”, or “don’t worry, we can fix it together”. Or simply to say “I’m listening”.

We need someone to walk alongside and listen, as we show our inner self, without rendering judgement. Someone who knows our darkest secrets and yet stays by our side.

For some, that person may be your partner, your mate, your love. For most, it’s a person you’ve known long before you met your love, and will know long after your love is gone. It’s a person you can tell your feelings to, without the fear of losing them. It’s the person you turn to when your love abandons you, when your love lets you down.

Nothing is more valuable in this world than a good friend. For those who have that person, you are among the luckiest in the world. If you haven’t found that person, stop looking. A true friend is not someone you look for.

A valued friendship is something that happens naturally, over time. It is different than love, where you need to present an image to find love. With friendship, being yourself is the key.

A friendship starts with someone you instinctively connect with and can freely talk to. Someone you’d ask to walk alongside you. Someone who does not lead nor follow you, but walks next to you. Someone you can be yourself with.

You’ll find that person when you become part of that special group, when you yourself,  becomes a friend to someone.

Live like there’s no tomorrow and learn as if your life depended on it.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Gandhi

Many times we put things off because we feel there is not enough time. We’re too old to go back to school, too old to learn something new, to old for a new hobby; there may not be a tomorrow.

Other times we put things off thinking we have plenty of time. Why hurry to finish school when you have your whole life ahead of you? Why take on that book you want to write, or that painting you want to draw, or those words you wanted to tell someone, when you have your whole life ahead of you; there’s always tomorrow.

You are never to young to start enjoying life. You should tell that special someone how you really feel. You should start that project you’ve always thought about. You should live today as if it’s your last day. One day it will be and all of those things you’ve been putting off will remain undone.

You are never too old to learn. If we all stopped learning because we’re going to die someday, we’d all be idiots. As it is, there are too many idiots in this world. It is better to die tomorrow having a little more knowledge than to live another year as an ignorant idiot.

Knowledge helps you enjoy life more. Knowledge engages the mind, opens doors to the imagination. Life becomes a kaleidoscope of wonders, filled with people, places and  experiences you never thought possible. The more knowledge you gain, the more fulfilling living becomes. As you live, your thirst for knowledge grows.

If you haven’t begun enjoying the moment, thinking there would be many more, you might as well be a mindless drone, whose only purpose is to work so others can enjoy life.

if you stop learning, thinking there were not enough moments, you’ll never appreciate the new wonders of the world. You’ll be known as that old person who lives in the past.

There are too many old idiots in this world. Don’t be another one. Forget about dying, and  live like there’s no tomorrow and learn as if your life depended on it.

Follow your heart and you’ll find the right lover and job

“You’ve got to find what you love and that is as true for work as it is for lovers. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking and don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you’ve found it.” Steve Jobs

Finding the right thing to do is as difficult as finding the right person. If you marry the wrong person, you’ll never be happy. The same goes for work. Do a job you don’t love and you’ll never be truly happy.

The best work is done by those who love what they’re doing. When you find a job that you love, it no longer becomes work, it becomes an obsession that you will excel at.

Never settle for a job you don’t love. Doing a job you don’t love is the same as marrying someone you don’t love. Life becomes a burden. Happiness would always be out of reach.

If you haven’t found what you love, keep looking. As with a lover, the job that you’ll love is out there somewhere. Use the same strategy in finding the right job as you would in finding the right lover. Trying different jobs is the equivalent of dating. Rather than lowering your standards, look in the right places and you’ll find the right job, and the right lover.

Finding one will make you content. Finding both will make you happy and successful.



Ethics, not money, will trickle down to everyone

“If ethics are poor at the top, that behavior is copied down through the organization.”  Robert Noyce

The governments trickle down strategy would have been more effective if the government was promoting ethics. There are behavioral differences regarding people with money, and  people with ethics. Money at the top tends to stay at the top; with people who have it hoarding it and craving more. The rest may crave the money, but unless the ones at the top decide to share, there is nothing much they can do, except mimic the ones at the top to try getting money of their own.

Ethics at the top, unlike money, will flow down. While not able to get a share of the money being hoarded, others who don’t have money can follow the methods of those on top. They can follow their behavior. They can follow their ethics.

If those methods, behaviors and ethics worked for the ones at the top, surely they will work for everyone else. Leaders can hoard their money, but they cannot hoard their methods, behaviors and ethics. Those are out there for everyone to see and adopt, in any organization, in the government, and more importantly, in the home.

For those who aren’t successful, there is nothing to trickle down. For those who succeed, for those who become leaders, for those who become role models: ethics, above all else, will trickle down.

So the next time you wonder why ethics are poor in the company, government, or family you lead: look in the mirror. The answer will be staring you in the face.

A role model for you and your kids, look no further than Kathy Ireland.

“If we want our children to possess the traits of character we most admire, we need to teach them what those traits are and why they deserve both admiration and allegiance. Children must learn to identify the forms and content of those traits.” William J. Bennett

There are certain traits every person should have in order to live a happy, rewarding and contented life. The best time to develop those traits, such that they become second nature, is when growing up. A child is like a sponge and absorbs what is seen, heard, and taught.

A parents purpose in life is to be the perfect role model for their children. To hear a child say “I want to be like you” is the greatest compliment a parent can hear from a child.

Once children reach a certain age, the age where they begin looking for what makes them happy, they start thinking about their own dreams and aspirations. Some are content to continue following in the parents footsteps. Other teens have different aspirations, or have trouble finding the right one.

If taught the proper traits, those children will succeed no matter which path they follow. What are some of those traits? Honesty, integrity, confidence, fairness, generosity, and above all, a person of good character.

The best way to teach those traits to children is by having them yourself. The next best is to find a role model, with all of those traits and many more, like Kathy Ireland.

Kathy is the symbol of success, not because she is rich and well known. She is a success because she has all of the traits which every child needs to learn to live a happy, rewarding, and contented life.  Kathy became rich and well known because of the person she was, the person she still is.

If you want to find the perfect role model, for yourself, your teenagers, or your younger kids, look no further than Kathy Ireland.

Never utter these words: I don’t deserve this!

“Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a good person is a little like expecting the bull not to attack you because you are a vegetarian.” Dennis Wholey

So, you think because you’re a good person, the world owes you? Think again. The person who’s going to get the glory and the rewards meant for you is the prick who was supposedly helping you. The person announcing what you did, appearing to be your friend, is the person who gets the glory. The lying thieves, who make it look like they inspired you to do what you did, get the credit and the glory.

The world does not owe anything to anyone. Life is not fair to anyone. In fact, expect the complete opposite: nice people get trampled on while the lying, thieving, greedy ones get to the top.

Do you deserve what you got? Do they deserve what they got? It doesn’t matter. You will get what you put your mind and your talents against.

Go ahead and tell the bull you’re a vegetarian and see how far that gets you. You overcome the bulls attack by being a matador, using your skill, not hoping life will take care of you. Life takes care of no one, unless they take care of themselves.

The lying thief doesn’t deserve to be rich, and the generous, nice person doesn’t deserve to be poor, but hey, shit happens. Deal with it and go after what you think you ‘deserve’. No one will just hand it to you, that is until you die, at which point you will most likely get what you deserve, but who wants to wait that long?


Your mind is your own worst enemy

“If you fix in your mind the idea that your earning ability is limited, then indeed it is. You will never earn more than that self-set limit. The subconscious will create and maintain the limits you set.” Thomas D. Willhite

You become what you think you are capable of. Think big and you will achieve big results. Think small and will achieve nothing, or very little. Your mind is a very powerful motivator. Use it to get what you want.

There are thousands of books about the secret to success. Do you want to know the secret to success? Believe in yourself! That’s it! Don’t let your mind and your thoughts hold you back.

Think BIG! Believe in yourself! Your subconscious will work magic to help you achieve your goals, as long as you believe in yourself.