Falling in love with you was beyond my control

“Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control.” Author Unknown

Who we meet for the most part is beyond out control. We can try to limit the number, but fate will step in from time to time to bring two strangers together. A car accident, an absent minded bump while walking, two carts bumping in the grocery store. When least expected, fate will bring two strangers into contact with each other.

What happens next is within your control. If you like the other person, you can chose to interact, to begin a conversation, to get to know the other person better. You can chose to become friends. This is something which happens all the time with people, especially when coming across someone with a personality that complements theirs.

Most interactions never get beyond friendship, or slowly fade as time goes on.

Once in a while, not too often, something happens that neither person has any control over. One day out of the blue, when you’re talking with your new friend, it will happen. It could be something the other person says, a slight move, a facial expression, or the touch of their hand that triggers something within. You lose track of time. Your brain stops working. You eyes get the slightest of tears, so slight that it’s just enough to make them look like they sparkle.

You notice the lips, how full they are as they move, although you don’t hear anything coming out of them. You notice the slight bump in the nose, how it’s perfect. You look at the face and body, seeing nothing but perfection.

Your heart begins to beat faster, giving your checks a reddish tint. Your forehead gets hot, reaching fever like temperatures.

You remember how you met. How it was destined that you two should meet.

And then you look into the eyes. You admire the beautiful color. You look beyond the eyes, into the person and goose bumps appear all over your body.

You quickly look away, realizing what just happened.

Now you hear the other person yelling at you, asking what’s the matter. You say it’s nothing, but you need to go.

You my friend, have just fallen madly and deeply in love. It was not something you planned or asked for. It wasn’t something you could have prevented. How could you? You had given up on finding love a while back and was content with just having friends.

If you’re truly lucky, the other person will get the same feelings, at the same time or shortly after. When it happens, that is what’s known as ‘True Love’, the kind of love that lives on forever.


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