Want your luck to change? Change the way you think.

“Remember, happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have; it depends solely upon what you think.” Dale Carnegie

I used to think if you were always happy that it meant you were doing something wrong, or that you were simple minded. At work I never smiled, work was serious business and there was no place for smiles or laughter.

Deep inside me there was always something missing. I’d think If I could make it to that corner office I’d be happy. If I got promoted, then I’d be happy. But I wasn’t happy. With the promotion came more stress, and even less time for smiling or thinking about my own happiness.

It was a catch-22. Constantly going around circles. I would be happy if I had that. When I had that, there’d be other things in the way and so the cycle would repeat.

Then I noticed something. Most of the people around me were happy. They had less than I did, had worse jobs, less money, and all kinds of other problems. But they were happy.

Overnight, my whole outlook changed. I stopped worrying about the next promotion. I stopped thinking what would happen if things went wrong. Instead I thought about what I had at the moment. I thought about the others at work who were always happy.

The next day, for the first time at work, I joined them for lunch. They were shocked. They thought I was a bastard. one of those horrible bosses. A couple of them were ready to quit. That was the first time I smiled at work. Everyone thought I hit the lottery. None of them quit. From that day forth, we had lunch together every single day.

I was a new person. Just by changing how I thought, by being content with what I had, I found happiness. I also found that things came to me easier once I exuded happiness. Promotions came quicker, people were nicer, lady luck showed up more often.

Happiness really does come from inside you, not from who you are or what you have. It comes from within, and when you become happy, doors open for you. It becomes contagious, making others around you feel the same way.


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