The sunrise in the morning

“Inspiration and motivation are everywhere. To see a miracle which fills millions with awe, inspiration and motivation, which science still can’t explain, watch the sun rise in the morning.” Omar M. Kiam

The sun rising in the morning is a miracle to behold. It is one of the most beautiful things to see. The toughest people in the world, the strongest, the most feared, the bravest, and the ones who have absolutely no emotions will pause in awe and admiration at the site of a sunrise which hits a scattering of clouds in such a way that it creates a kaleidoscope of color in the sky.

While you’re waiting to see a picture of the event, someone else enjoyed and was moved enough by it to take a picture, so the moment could be shared with others.

Almost everyone acknowledges the beauty of the sunrise in the morning. Many of us are moved and inspired just by looking at pictures of it.

If a picture can move us like this, imagine what seeing the actual event would do. It is the difference between watching a silent black and white film on television and a motion picture movie on the big screen. There is no comparison.

Watching the sun rise in the morning is an impossible task for many, which is why we need the pictures. There is however, Sunday. Sunday holds a special meaning for many of us. It is a day of worship for some, a day of reflection, to look back on what we’ve done over the last six days and to plan the next six.

Sunday, or whichever is your day of reflection, is the ideal day to witness the sunrise first hand. If you can wake up early enough, and are determined enough to watch this miracle first hand, imagine what else you can accomplish that day and the rest of the week.

Want to accomplish something you’ve been struggling with? Make a commitment to see a sunrise once a week, or at the very least once a month. Before you know it, whatever you’ve been struggling with will become easier. You’ll accomplish more and will be in better spirits.


3 thoughts on “The sunrise in the morning

  1. Omar,
    This is good. I think it could be better with alittle more time. However, it conveys your thoughts about a sunrise.

    When I had the big house that I desizned (s.p.) I use to get up in the morning, walk around the grounds , and drink my coffee, and watch the sun come up. I love birds and to listen to them come alive as the dawn burst forth, the dew on the grass,and the sky becomeing ablaze with the light.

    I actually use to say to myself, and God said, “Let there be light.” Every morning is worth beholding, even those with the goasts of trees, ensrouded in fog.

    Living 1,000 feet from the main country road, when I was younger, I could walk around the grounds in my night atire, alone with my Lord.

    Trees were everywhere and when I played my music, the birds would sing so loud it echoed around the box canyon, in which we lived.

    After a rain, and the sun came out, steam would arise up from the earth, in the spring…

    Well, you get the idea. Sunrise and the aspect of how one will spend their day is more exciteing to me than how one will spend their night.

    Sincerely Omar,


  2. Kay,
    You are a true day person, like myself. Are we the way we are because of the sunrises we’ve seen, or do we appreciate the sunrises because of the type of people we are? I think it’s a little of both.
    Hope you had a great day,

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