Believe in yourself

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy” Norman Vincent Peale

If you doubt yourself, if you doubt your abilities, chances are you’ll have a tough time in whatever it is you’re trying to do and you will most likely not be happy.

There have been many times where I’ve tried something new. One time I tried to tile our kitchen. I had never done this before, nor had I ever watched someone else do it. For us, it was a matter of economics, we couldn’t afford to pay someone.

The sales people at the tile store where happy enough to sell us everything we needed and to provide rudimentary instructions. The tiles and everything else needed cost a lot of money, much more than we could afford at the time.

I was nervous and knew that I didn’t know what I was doing. I had very little confidence in my ability to tile the floor, but we needed a new floor and so it had to be done. I felt miserable with each tile I put down, knowing that I wasn’t the right person. In my mind, I saw money going out the window, knowing that it would need to be done over.

You know what? When I finished the floor, it looked horrible. Tiles began cracking as soon as the floor was ready to walk on.

Years later I did the same thing and for the same reasons. This time, my attitude was different. This time, I knew with the right preparations and the right tools, there was nothing I couldn’t do just as well as anyone else.

Before laying the first tile I made sure that I was confident enough in my ability to tile the floor. While doing the job, I felt good, knowing that this floor would last years. I felt happy while doing it and proud afterwards.

Of course, having the right tools and knowledge is key, but more important was having confidence in myself. I could have gotten both before trying to tile the first time, but since I didn’t have any confidence in myself, I felt there was no need to, that it wouldn’t make a difference.

That second tile floor has lasted for fourteen years, without a single cracked tile, and is still going. All it took was confidence in myself, believing that I could do it, that made it possible.


7 thoughts on “Believe in yourself

  1. Hi Omar,
    I havn’t been sleeping so have not gotten on the laptop for several days much, but I think and pray for all my friends on Google!
    Yes, it doen’t pay to do anything when one KNOWS that they lack the expertise to carry it through.
    We use to sell Custom Homes and even had the featured home at the Seattle Home Show in the Kingdom YEARS ago. I know alittle about what it takes to do masonary work (fireplaces,) etc. I’m glad your tile floor turned out good–WoW–14 years!

    Have a headake, so going to lay down…
    Have a wonderful evening with your family in PA.

    • Kay,
      I’m very sorry to hear you haven’t been sleeping well. I do hope you feel better soon. You’re a wonderful person with a good heart. Please get some rest so we can have a good conversation during the week.

      • Hi Omar,
        I try to rest–that’s what I’ve been doing this weekend…I did sleep last night alittle…don’t worry I’ve been battleing sleep problems since I was 25, and had my daughter. From that day on, I’ve had sleeping problems.

        You know Omar, everybody has “something.” We can be thankful that we don’t have something worse…infact I do have some medical problems, and I now have to go to a surgen, but they may not have to operate…and a hosbital is a good place to pick up germs…anyway…I’m not worried.
        You know someone somewhere else always has a worse problem. So, I’m liveing for today, and today only. Yesderday is gone, and we can’t change the past, but we can learn from it. Today is here and now, and tomorrow has not yet come, so it does no good to freat about the future…and if God calls me home, then it was my time. All I can do is go to the doctor, and make the best choise possible for my health. ( iFemale problems–I could leave this “mass” on my overies, and leave it up to God, as far as the outcome–or I could go “under the knife.” I put the cliches in ” ” , as I know not to use them. (as if , it makes a diffence!)

        I broke my back several years ago, and the Specialist made this expensive “BRACE” for me to wear. I could not wear that because of other problems, so I jus’ said to God, YOU’LL have to FIX my Back! Long story short, I did nothing Then the day came when the doctor said it (my back) was “stable “.

        Well, I feel asleep with my hand on the laptop–time I go to bed!
        your friend,

  2. Omar,
    I’m commenting on your writeing–in general–, you have MUCH insight into the human condition. You are very INSPIRITIONAL!!! And you use simple words that everyone can understand!!!
    Hope your day brings forth much Joy!!!

  3. Kay,
    Thank you, you are very kind.
    I do hope you make a complete recovery. Maybe this time it might be best to listen to the doctors and do as they ask. If it will help your peace of mind, allow you to sleep soundly and to think clearly, then follow what your heart tells you. With God looking over you, I’m sure any decision you make will be the right one.

    I’ll look for some wonderful sunrises for you,

    • Thank you Omar,
      You are very kind, as well. I got up at 4 a.m., so going to lay down…tired. Did you get the pic of my crazy CAT??? It is warming up out…but will only hit 40 today. I heard on the news it is dreadful back east–I’m so sorry…I hope you are prepared, and your family as well. Ice Storm, isn’t it???

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