To see beauty, use your heart, not your eyes

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart” Helen Keller

In order to truly live you must see and feel with your heart. Seeing laughter does nothing until you feel it in your heart. When you do, you’ll laugh along with others.

Most people ignore misery because they look only with their eyes. They see it with disgust.  Those who see and feel it in their heart know what misery does to a person’s soul. They can feel for the other person. Those are the people who will lend a helping hand.

Many relationships end too quickly because one or both only sees with their eyes. The relationships that last a lifetime are where both have opened their hearts to each other. That is when you no longer see what the other person looks like, but who the other person is, what they are on the inside.

The greatest artists and builders are the ones who bring forth what their hearts feel, not what their eyes see. You and I may see a bridge, but they see a pathway to adventure and the great unknown. We may see just a woman posing, while the artist sees her inner beauty, or her anguished soul.

If you really want to see beauty, open your heart and let whatever image your eyes are looking at enter into it. Let yourself feel the image. Let your heart show you what you’ve been missing. Let your heart show you what beauty really is.

You’ll never look at the world the same way again.


4 thoughts on “To see beauty, use your heart, not your eyes

  1. Good morning, Omar. I am trying to get a girl here to America that I met on our blog, or (website). I don’t know the difference!
    Her name is Abby Moreno. She doesn’t know how to come to America, unless she goes to collage and they don’t pay her ehough in Saudi Arbia to SAVE. She is from the Phillipines, and her Mother put her through school. She is a REG. NURSE.

    She is the sweetest girl! She is 25 years young…you will probably see her on Inspiritional Daily!
    She’s also a writer! She can only leave every Friday with a driver, that is too lazy to take her back home, and she HAS to stay over with a friend, and go back on Sat.

    She crys alot, which is not a surprise. I’m afraid she is very innocent, and does not know the ways of the world, but she has a VERY GOOD HEART. Her picture will be next to her comment, and you will see what I do. (she is my 2nd daughter.)

    Could YOU and your famiy help her, once you got to know her???!!! She has saved her money that she can, but she doesn’t have near enough to go to collage! She thought that maybe she could come to the U.S. on a Visa for collage. Do you know ho w to come to America???

    Her email is .

    Please help her! I worry almost as if she’s my own daughter. I can have her stay here for 14 days,
    for free, but that’s not enough!!! She needs a place or room of a home, in which to live, a place of employment, and how do you get over here to America anyway??? Please write her, Omar. She will answer. (I don’t know some things!!!)

    Sincerely, and Thanks,
    your friend,

  2. This is VERY, VERY good!!! Probably the BEST thing I’ve read from you so far, or perhaps the best thing I’ve ever read, save for the Bible, and I’m sure Jesus would agree 100% with you!!! My friend’s email is Hope you have good news for her. Wish I had more money or something in order to help her!!!

    your friend,

  3. Kay,
    Thank you for the kind words.
    I’m sorry but I have no experience with this sort of thing. Isn’t nursing one of those jobs where there is always a demand? Has your friend tried looking for a job in one of the hospitals? They might be able to help her get established. Sorry but that’s the extent of what I know.

    Warm Regards,

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