If A Voice Says You Can’t Write, Then By All Means, Write!

This weeks post on the Jennings Wire site is an inspirational message for new and aspiring writers.

If A Voice Says You Can’t Write, Then By All Means, Write!


3 thoughts on “If A Voice Says You Can’t Write, Then By All Means, Write!

  1. Hi Omar! That is REALLY GOOD!!! (I like the pic, also!!!) I’m not the reader, you are, but if I have time, I enjoy reading. I read my devotionals almost everyday, etc.

    Pay it forward…some movie!!!???

    That’s cool–I figured you liked to help people, and “writer’s ” to precure their profession.

    I’d REALLY LIKE IT, and I could HELP Abby. Please pray fo r us, and I hope when I renew my lease, I can have Abby live here with me…I have EVERYTHING she needs, and I share, of corse. She just needs some clothes, and we have a church here with a BUILDING FULL OF NICE, (alot NEW) clothes!!! We have a bus line, so that is taken care of if her job is near a bus stop. (This church GIVES clothes away, and alot of them are nicer than the Goodwill.)

    I have a brand new fishing jacket that I wear when it’s really raining, and/or cold, rather than dressing up…from there. …and other clothes. I only buy new things, (my special queen size bed, my couch, my computer–only2 payments left!) when I can’t find them used.

    I went to the Twrift shop today, and made a killing. (for a lack of a better word.) I found a large crock pot, almost new–a nice one. And a large pretty bean pot (has a green heart on the pottery) to serve the beans on the table, with a pottery laddle. Etc. Abby likes Teddy Bears, and so I got 3 of them, all new for when she comes to America.

    I’m going to send her the paper, so she can look for a job…

    I know God will work in our lives, to save this girl from the clutches of Satin. (She said she can’t leave the house, cept for once a week, or she’d get raped or killed!!!)

    Better go…

    your friend,


    On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 4:08 PM, Omar M. Ki

  2. Hi Kay,
    Please be very careful. A nurse should be able to get a job very easily. Don’t send money or anything of value overseas. Nurses are in demand, so sending her the paper is a good idea.
    Good luck, and again, please be extremely careful.

  3. Omar, Did you get this message above…just mention “pay it forward,” and I’ll know. My “caregiver”” will be here in half an hour–payday–I should be writeing and selling it again, but I’m not, as I’m writeing to Abby and to you. Not much left after paying bills out of my disability…

    Too bad I moved so much and lost my poetry, but as you said, “KEEP WRITING!!!” I was wondering how the weather is back there. it’s suppose to be 50 degrees here today!!! Is nice out. (it’s cloudy, but this is WASH-ing-ton.)

    Don’t even know if you’ll get this. Thank you for being a writer, and Mentor.


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