Are you living in the past?

“Nothing wilts faster than laurels that have been rested upon.” Percy Bysshe Shelley

So you made quite a few accomplishments in your day? That’s great. Do you sit back and reflect on those accomplishments? Do you reminisce about them with pride? Does your chest expand with pride?

That’s enough of that. Stop living in the past. How long ago were those accomplishments? If you have to count back in years, then it’s been too long. You’re like the middle aged people who still reflect back on their high school accomplishments.

Have you done anything recently, or have you just been living off your laurels? While your living in the past, others are out-performing you. Sure, they were great accomplishments at the time, but those days are long gone.

Time or opportunity waits for no one. If you’re resting on your laurels, you’re missing out on new opportunities. Go out and accomplish someone new, before it’s too late and you’re no longer able to. What you did last year or the year before is old news.

People smile when you tell them what you did, but they’re just being polite. They see you as the person who used to be good, who used to have a talent. To them, you’re a has been.

So, what’s the next major thing you’re going to accomplish? Leave a comment if you’re serious. Say what you hope to accomplish and by when. I’ll hold you to it. I’ll check back to make sure you’re still on track.


4 thoughts on “Are you living in the past?

  1. WoW…I would like to be able to be out of dept. in a year. Also, I hope to have my medicine adjusted so I sleep by a month or two. (They are like snails to do anything. ) One big problem is they don’t to give me anything that is addictive, and there’s not alot out there for sleep that is non-addictive for my king of sleeping problems.

    Within a year, I’d like to have my friend (from another country) liveing in the U.S., and hopefully with me so she can go to collage, and not have alot of rent to pay. We could split the rent…and it’s already very low. Anyway, it’s a way to “pay it forward.” I’d also pay for the lights, as they’d be on anyway, and I’m in the middle of the building, (upstairs), so I really don’t have a heating bill.

    I’d like to have a printer, so that I could write some articles! (by a year, and maybe some poems ).
    I’d like to be walking every day for strength and for a sence of well being that I get when walking.

    I’d like to be cooking alot in my crock pot, and fixing liver & onions on a reg. bases. a few of my goals..



    • Patrick,
      You’re welcome. I found myself doing just that, admiring things I’ve done years ago. I needed the nudge just as much.
      Send me some pictures when you’re done and I’ll post them here.

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