Not sure if others are noticing the same thing, but I’ve been coming across a greater number of people who don’t believe in God or any type of religious philosophy. For the most part, most of them are still aware of right and wrong, I think mainly because they were raised in a home by parents who were religious.

What I see as the problem will be the next generation, which would have been raised by parents who had no faith. Where will that generation get it’s moral compass? How will they be able to make life choices based on good and bad, right and wrong, ethical and moral?

The goal in writing ‘Morality’ was to provide something, not just for atheist, but for anyone unsure of what constitutes moral behavior a type of reference book, with examples, to use for everyday life.

Morality is available on Amazon:

Very interest in hearing what your thoughts are.

5 thoughts on “Morality

  1. For sure its a sign of the end of Christianity due to its irrational concept of an anthropomorphic God. Some may argue its the end of all religion, however, regardless what’s one religion upbringing was, human is innately endowed with a build-in moral compass, that will at times resurface, especially during times of despair. For this reason in the near future when anarchy reign (due to the climate change), Islam in its pure form will be the alternative and give hope to those who seek divine guidance while atheism continues to its path of self-destruction.

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  3. Dear Omar,
    How true. Well, I have two boys that won’t talk to me, as I guess I did not do such a good job in raising them, and a daughter who doesn’t take the time to talk to me. My grandkids want a Grandma, but I don’t even know my daughter’s address. I found the city she lives in, but of corse they want money to tell me the exact address!

    I don’t have the right credit card, so that blows that. Anyway, my girlfriend told me,
    “Honor your father and mother, and the days of your life will be long.” Of corse that’s in the Bible, but she is a Chaplin, and said ,”We are to honor our father and mother just because the Bible tells us to.” And I know I still love my children, but I don’t think they know it. I am lucky in the fact that the boys are doing very well, otherwise, but my daughter has lots of problems.

    It was good to hear from you Omar–keep me posted…Have to close, as my computer wants to update.

    You’re a GOOD person, and everything you write is of Value!
    Kay Baxter

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