“The person born with a talent they are meant to use will find their greatest happiness in using it.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

One of the greatest shames in the world is when a person born with a talent lets it go to waste. Most people have undiscovered talent, it is there laying dormant, waiting for the day when it is called upon. When that day comes, it becomes one of the happiest days in that persons life.

Many others discover their talent but let it go to waste, to busy in the pursuit of meaningless enjoyment and living for the moment. There is no greater loss than to let a natural talent go to waste. There is no greater happiness than in using a natural talent to it fullest.

There are many examples of people using their talent, Shakespeare, Beethoven, von Goethe, but there are many who don’t achieve world renown and yet are happy and content using their talent.

Patrick Wentzel is one of those people. His classic carousel carvings are magnificent.

If you haven’t found your talent yet be patient. It’s there and will show itself one day, as long as you continue exploring, trying different things.  In the meantime, look at some of Patrick’s work, order something and examine it closely. There is nothing better than seeing something made by a natural talent, be it a symphony, a painting, a carving or a statue.

You can see Patrick’s collection at http://patrickwentzel.com/



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