Are you really in love?

“Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control.” Author Unknown

How many of you really know what true love really is? For those of you that are in love, think back to when you first met. Was it fate, which stepped in to get the two of you to meet? If you said no, then you probably aren’t in love. If you’re in love, you would look at the first time you met as something ordained, something that was meant to happen.

When did you fall in love? Where you friends first, and then gradually over time fell into love?  If you fell in love at first sight, then it’s not true love, it’s infatuation. You might think it’s love, but trust me, it’s not true love. True love develops as you get to know the other person. When you first meet, you may like the other person enough to become friends. Sometimes, you may not even like the other person.

After you became friends, did the amount of time the two of you spent together get longer each week? Did your heart start beating fast in anticipation of spending time together? Did you lay awake in bed, unable to fall asleep, because you couldn’t stop thinking of the other person. Did you find yourself smiling as you walked down the street, or got on the bus, because you thought of the other person? If none of that happened to you, then you’re not truly in love.

When the two of you were together, did you lose track of time? If you kept looking at the time, or thought about food, or thought about work, then you’re not in love.

Did you get up one day, and decide that you love the other person? If you did, then it’s not true love.

True love happens when the two of you know so much about each other that you become almost one. When you look into the others eyes, you can see into their soul, the same way that they can see into your soul. True love is not something you fall into or out of. True love is something that happens, and never goes away.

When you’re truly in love, you’ll do anything to please your love. Everything else becomes secondary.

How many of you would change jobs to be nearer to your love, or to make your love happy? Those of you who wouldn’t change jobs are not truly in love. You may think you’re in love, but over time it will fade and the two of you will drift apart. True love never fades. You and your love will never drift apart. You will be the couple we occasionally see, walking hand in hand into a restaurant, celebrating their 60th anniversary. If you watch that couple closely, you’ll see they still have that glazed look every time they look into each others eyes. It’s the same look they had when they first fell in love.

To see if you’ll be celebrating your 60th anniversary, look into your loves eyes. Do the two of you get that glazed look? Then congratulations, you’re in love!


LOVE is not made of kisses, or of sighs,
Of clinging hands, or of the sorceries
And subtle witchcrafts of alluring eyes.

Love is not made of broken whispers; no!
Nor of the blushing cheek, whose answering glow
Tells that the ear has heard the accents low.

Love is not made of tears, nor yet of smiles,
Of quivering lips, or of enticing wiles:
Love is not tempted; he himself beguiles.

This is Love’s language, but this is not Love.

If we know aught of Love, how shall we dare
To say that this is Love, when well aware
That these are common things, and Love is rare?

As separate streams may, blending, ever roll
In course united, so, of soul to soul,
Love is the union into one sweet whole.

As molten metals mingle; as a chord
Swells sweet in harmony; when Love is Lord,
Two hearts are one, as letters form a word.

One heart, one mind, one soul, and one desire,
A kindred fancy, and a sister fire
Of thought and passion; these can Love inspire.

This makes a heaven of earth; for this is Love.