Are you a procrastinator? Are you always missing opportunities?

“”Procrastination is opportunity’s natural assassin.” ~Victor Kiam

Wait until later to do something and you’ll be putting off opportunities for another time as well. Do it now and opportunity may come. Don’t do it, and there’s no chance that opportunity would appear.

Opportunities come to everyone. The ones who make the most of the moment also find the opportunities. They almost stumble upon them by accident. They are the missed opportunities of someone else. The things someone else decided to leave for another day.

Opportunity is like a lover. Keep either waiting too long and they’ll both be gone, gone to someone else.

Everyone comes up with great ideas from time to time. The procrastinator waits for another day to do something about the idea. If that day ever comes, someone else would have thought of and done something with it.

The procrastinators also shot opportunities time and again. They keep putting things off, until they are forced to act. When they do act, it’s either too late and will cause more damage, or done in a rushed manner, again causing more damage. The procrastinator waits too long, then acts without thinking, killing opportunity.

This comes from first hand experience, having assassinated opportunity time and again, by putting important things off for another day. We really do assassinate opportunity when we continually put things off. And then we wonder why some people seem to get one opportunity after another. It’s because they did today what we put off for tomorrow.