If you sell yourself short, so will everyone else

“If you really put a small value upon yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price.” Unknown

We are our own worst enemies. We put ourselves down before giving anyone else the chance to praise us. Aside from most mothers, who know their kids true value, regardless of what we do or say, everyone else will value us based on how we value ourselves.

Don’t sell yourself short. Every living person trying to make something of themselves has a high value. Every person trying to create something, a book, a poem, a song, a drawing, a little box for nick knacks has a high value. Every person trying to raise their kids to have a better life than they had has a high value. Every person who is there to listen to a friend in times of need has a high value. Every person who talks so the quiet ones can listen has a high value.

Never sell yourself short. If you do, no one, aside from your mother will increase the value you put on yourself. If others want to set a low value on you, that is there businesses. There are people all over this world to try to put low value on things. You see them at the flee markets haggling over a fifty dollar item being sold for two dollars.

Sell yourself high. Value yourself based on what you will become in the future. Value yourself based on your abilities, not based on what other try to get away with. They will sell you short in order to make themselves feel superior.

Sell yourself high, put a high value on yourself. Others will take notice, and may even raise your value even higher. You’ll find that you’re standing straighter, your head is higher, your getting a lot more respect and your a much happier and more successful person.