Ethics, not money, will trickle down to everyone

“If ethics are poor at the top, that behavior is copied down through the organization.”  Robert Noyce

The governments trickle down strategy would have been more effective if the government was promoting ethics. There are behavioral differences regarding people with money, and  people with ethics. Money at the top tends to stay at the top; with people who have it hoarding it and craving more. The rest may crave the money, but unless the ones at the top decide to share, there is nothing much they can do, except mimic the ones at the top to try getting money of their own.

Ethics at the top, unlike money, will flow down. While not able to get a share of the money being hoarded, others who don’t have money can follow the methods of those on top. They can follow their behavior. They can follow their ethics.

If those methods, behaviors and ethics worked for the ones at the top, surely they will work for everyone else. Leaders can hoard their money, but they cannot hoard their methods, behaviors and ethics. Those are out there for everyone to see and adopt, in any organization, in the government, and more importantly, in the home.

For those who aren’t successful, there is nothing to trickle down. For those who succeed, for those who become leaders, for those who become role models: ethics, above all else, will trickle down.

So the next time you wonder why ethics are poor in the company, government, or family you lead: look in the mirror. The answer will be staring you in the face.

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