My prediction for the remainder of this year

“We may pretend we are basically moral people who make mistakes, but the whole of history proves otherwise.” Terry Hands

There are very few rich and powerful people in the world who are also moral. There are almost none in positions of power, such as elected officials, high government officials, senior executives, or any who think they are in a position of power, who have any morals.

I can predict what will happen for the remainder of this year, not because I think I’m a psychic, but because I’m a pretty good judge of human nature, and read the history books.

Gasoline prices will continue to rise, until the average price of regular reaches over four dollars a gallon, sometime before the election. Neither the oil nor the financial services  industries like President Obama. As a result, they will work to manipulate prices, hoping the high prices will turn voters against him.

More people will go into foreclosure and bankruptcy, especially the lower middle class, who have to commute the furthest to work. The high cost of gasoline, combined with many other things, such as the drought over the summer, the use of food for ethanol, and greed, will cause food prices to keep climbing. This will drive more lower middle class families into poverty.

Companies, whose only concern is profits, will eliminate more jobs as revenues decrease.  By election time, a lot more people will be fed up with President Obama. As a result, Mitt Romney will win the election.

Sometime after the election, the economy will take a nosedive. With less and less people able to afford to buy anything, companies and government agencies will continue laying off workers. Gasoline prices will drop a little, but not much. Once they taste money, oil company executives hate to give it back.


All those people predicting the 2012 doomsday have it half right. Except it will be an economic doomsday, not a literal one.

As has been repeated so often in history, when the wealthy and powerful become out of touch with reality and become consumed with greed, so it will happen again. To see what happens next, just look at the history books. Look at what happens to each nation when the rich and powerful have no morals, when they blame the poor for their own poverty, as they sit counting, safeguarding and growing their fortunes.

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